Client overview

Significant employer who was seeking to streamline the process of creating personnel advertisements.

What we've done for them

MyAdBuilder - Web Application

Australia Post has a considerable workforce and consequently recruitment is a task of some magnitude. It was seen as a critical requirement that staff adhere to established standards when creating advertisements for publication. Revium partnered with Grant Day James to formulate a solution which allowed for the creation of standard templates allowing artwork selection and inclusion of standard text. The results are published as high quality pdf documents.

The system has employed cutting edge technologies to achieve the client's requirements using Adobe Indesign on Mac server relaying requests via secure sockets.

The application Revium and Grant Day James delivered provides administration facilities for the inclusion of custom products in the collection of tools available to users generally.

Services we offered

  • Website development
  • Website / interface design
  • Web application development
  • Specifications
  • Project management
  • Interfaces, system integration & web services
  • Business IT systems

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