Anyone who works in a development environment will eventually have to manage more than 1 server. It may be many internal web or database servers for development, staging and production environments or just the occasional client server for deployment. Either way keeping track of all these connections can be come difficult.

That is where Microsoft’s Desktop Connection Manager steps in. It was released at the end of May 2010 so i am a bit behind the 8 ball here but after using it for a few days it is rocking my multi-remote desktop world!

It is a simple application that enables you to track all your remote desktop connections in 1 place.

My favourite feature so far is property inheritance. A good example is re-using login credentials. If you set it at the group level, every server below that has the option to use the same settings. This way of credentials change you only need to update 1 place. This also applies for Gateway Settings, Connection Settings, RDP Settings, Local Resources, Security Settings and Display Settings.

You can download it here:

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