On 23rd October ANZ launched their new branding.  The initial marketing spend will be in the order of $15 million.

Clearly if rebranding is to be successful then management must ensure consistency in the presentation of the brand which includes the manner in which bank publications are produced.

As part of this the release Revium was commissioned to build software tools to assist in the creation of bank publications.  MS Office technologies were employed in the development process.

Bank publications make a significant contribution to the overall brand image.  For this reason document layout and style needed to be controlled but at the same time allowing authors the ability to individualise content.

This was achieved by Revium developing high level code modules exploiting the considerable power of MS Word.  Templates were created containing the tools to offer control over the following MS Word functions:

  • Page creation;
  • Table creation;
  • Manipulation of columns;
  • Text styles;
  • Text over images.

Custom menus were developed allowing users to include:

  • Branding;
  • Individual page design;
  • Titles and headings;
  • Graph objects from MS Excel;
  • Author names and descriptions from a pre determined list.

MS Powerpoint solutions were also required.  Revium was able to meet the bank’s needs by developing custom menu items and associated code modules to standardize the creation of Powerpoint presentations.

MS Excel functions form an integral part of the document creation process.  Economic performance indicators are readily displayed in MS Excel graphs.  Tools were developed to allow the graphs to be formatted consistently and exported to the document creation environment, all by use of custom menu items and associated code modules developed by Revium.

The Revium solution provided an on time, robust and cost efficient means of meeting the expectations of ANZ

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