WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS’ available today, it is used mostly by bloggers but suits the needs a general CMS very well also – and it’s free from WordPress.org

What we and our Clients love about WordPress:

  • It’s freely available – no addition 3rd party software costs for our clients!
  • Frequent security and enhancement updates – keeping our client websites safe.
  • Easy to install and quick to setup.
  • Thousands of easily accessible plugins.
  • Easy to use visual content editor – WYSIWYG.

As developers:

  • The installation is very easy – The only file you need to edit in WordPress is the config file for the server settings. Once you have all the files on your website or development server, just follow the installation wizard which will only takes a few seconds and you’re up and running!
  • It’s open source – Not only does this make WordPress free to download and use, but there are hundreds of dedicated and avid programmers making WordPress better every day from all parts of the world.
  • Flexible – WordPress is flexible enough to be used as a full-blown blog, a large content driven website, a membership system or an e-commerce shop. With so many plugins and widgets available, WordPress can pretty much become anything you want it to!
  • Templating – For most of the websites we create for our Clients, we also create a custom template for WordPress. Integrating this into WordPress is a painless. Once you’ve setup the Header, Content, and Footer pages with you’re own template, all the content in your CMS will be wrapped with your new design.
  • Security – WordPress is quite secure against hackers, being so popular however, some still manage to find exploits in some cases. Usually though, as long as you keep downloading the latest versions and patches as they come, you’ll fair quite well against an attacker.
    Spam is also another common issue with blog sites, the commenting feature becomes quite attractive to spambots and by default, WordPress does not fight against this type of spam. Luckily however, due to the vast amount of plugins available, many anti-spam plugins are available to combat this very effectively.

For our customers:

  • Easy to use – One of the easiest to use content management systems available. Even our customers without any technical expertise can keep their websites up to date quickly and easily.
  • Search engine friendly – There are many SEO options available in WordPress for all of our customers needs. SEO Plugins for WordPress range in the hundreds so there is always something to fit every bill.
  • Usability/Navigation – With the advanced permalinks available in WordPress, we can structure websites any way our customers require. What this means is, accessibility and usability for our clients visitors and customers is the best it can be. Permalinks also help search engines to index your pages with meaningful, well-formed URL’s.
  • Content Creation – The visual content and text editor in WordPress is very easy to use and even the code based text editor is a great tool for fine tuning some text or content. All we need to do to create a page or blog is write the title, write the content or text and publish the page for it to instantly appear on your website. The visual text editor features tools that let you insert images, galleries and even use an inbuilt spell checker with all the common tools you’ll expect to find for text editing such as bold, italics, bullet points, aligning and much more.
  • User management – Extra authors can also be setup through the user management section of the administrators screen. There are many different user types to pick from such as: a subscriber, editor, author or contributor to your website. Each role offers a different set of permissions enabling various staff to create content or update the website in a number of ways.


WordPress is one of the most popular and widely-used CMS’s available and is popular for a reason – it’s an easy to use, powerful CMS tool and it’s free. With the huge range of plugins & widgets to choose from, WordPress becomes whatever you need it to be. We’ve been using it here at Revium for years, and we think it’s the best CMS around.

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