The 28th annual St Kilda Film Festival, sponsored by Simply Energy, started on Tuesday with aplomb and splendour. Some of Revium’s team, including myself, were lucky enough to get to the event.

Shane Jacobsen hosted the proceedings, with many jokes, references to Jenny Craig and to the vertically-challenged festival director.

After a Simply Energy commercial (containing some strong creative work from Revium), a welcome from a local aboriginal elder and the Port Phillip Council mayor’s address, Paul Inkster from Simply Energy told the assembled throng how pleased Simply Energy were to be the major sponsor for the event.

The festival director finished off the speeches, after which the lights dimmed…

Then the films began, starting with a short film involving bubblegum, a gun, a father and son, and a rabbit called “Pop”, followed by a tale of a man trying to make sense of a chaotic scene involving gunshots called “Suburbia”. The one animated short for the night followed, named “A lost and found box of human sensation” – a film from Germany and starring the vocal talents of Sir Ian McKellen.  We then saw an interesting tale of a father and son vying for a teacher’s affection, named “Bee Sting”. A musical video followed, named “Old Fitzroy”, and last but not least an entertaining film (and my favourite) called “Bear” closed off the sampler.

The film festival finishes on Sunday May 29th, and features a competition of 100 short films, some of which we got to see on opening night. All up, though only six films screened, we were able to see a wide variation in the festival’s film fare.

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