Over the last few weeks the team has been busy with the re-design of the current Simply Energy website to accommodate the launch of a new range of electricity and gas offers to be made available to the public on the 25th of May 2009. The project involved working closely with the Operations, Legal and Marketing teams from Simply Energy as well as a dedicated team from Clemenger who handled most of the design aspects for the website.

The redesign was initiated by the Simply Energy Marketing team and the campaign is aimed at driving more visitors to the site to ultimately result in more supply contracts for Simply Energy. Various SEO techniques have been deployed to further this cause and the sign-up process has been compressed into a 3 step process to simplify sign-ups for the website visitor.

Some of the old products have been updated and replaced with what Simply Energy call “Smart Deals”, “Green Deals” and “Very Green Deals”. These products vary slightly across Victoria and South Australia and Revium had to revisit the functionality to accommodate price calculations based on state and other factors. There were considerable pricing table updates and a revamp of welcome letters and online contract confirmations which is sent to customers as pdf’s at the completion of the signup process.

From a project management point of view it was a considerable effort which needed extensive resources from our team. Post development, thorough testing had to be performed and issues detected had to be monitored, prioritised, resolved and implemented to the staging environment following our release management process. We had to work closely with both Clemenger and Simply Energy to ensure we deliver a project we could be proud of and ultimately satisfied the client needs.

We are in the process of tying up the last few outstanding issues in preparation for launch on Monday. Like with all projects we did encounter a few problems on the way (incorrect SSL certificate being one!) but we are currently on track to deploy to production within the timeframes requested by Simply Energy.


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