It’s not often that you will hear a company asking its users to stop using one of their products quite so forcibly, but that is just what Microsoft is doing to try and move people away from Internet Explorer 6, with their new IE6 countdown site:

The site is aimed at educating users on why they should stop using Internet Explorer version 6 and update to a more recent version of Internet explorer, the latest version currently being version 9. 

The other choice is to move to an alternative browser such as ChromeSafariFirefox or Opera for an up to date browsing experience.

Why do you need to upgrade you might ask?

  • IE6 is a 10 year old browser that doesn’t support the latest in web development technologies, which means that you will not be getting the best out of the web.
  • IE6 is slower by an order of magnitude than browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari when it comes to performance on complex websites, including sites like GMail, News sites etc.
  • IE6 is insecure, 10 years ago, a lot of the threats that exist online today didn’t exist and as such it isn’t built to deal with them.
  • Learn more on the IE6 countdown site.

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