Another tender notification has just arrived in my inbox from Tender Search. Do I jump for joy, or cringe? Well, the answer probably doesn’t come immediately, but over the past couple of years I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks that help us identify which tenders are worth going for.
  1. Monitor tender notification services and keep an eye out for relevant tenders.
  2. Read the tender instructions carefully. Then read them again.
  3. Identify any immediate aspects of the tender that you cannot respond too or those that may not be a perfect fit for your business.
  4. Call the contact person registered in the tender document and ask as many questions as possible. Find out as much information you can about the company and the project.
    • Find out what impact any areas that may not be a perfect fit for your business will have on your submission.
    • Try to find out if there is an existing supplier in the mix. A lot of the time, organisations (particularly Government bodies) are required to publish tenders publically. In some cases, they’ll already have a preferred supplier, but are just going through the motions before handing the contract back to that supplier.
  5. Identify the submissions dates and regsiter for any briefing sessions
    • Gauge how many other parties turn up to the briefing session

And the most important thing? If you are going to respond make sure you put only your best foot forward. Its simply not worth going for a tender in a half arsed manner, that you think you could be a “long-shot” at getting. Only go for those tenders that are a good fit for your business. You really need to dedicate a few solid days to formulate a worthy tender response.

If there’s anyone else out there that has any other comments or suggestions on responding to tenders, feel free to leave some comments. I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts, trials and tribulations in going for tenders!

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