We recently kicked off a new project with the Financial Ombudsman Service. We are currently specifying the requirements for an online application that will allow public users to register and lodge complaints in the Banking & Finance sector online. The Web application will be integrated with the internal information system of the Financial Ombudsman.

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Tenders – Good or Evil?

Another tender notification has just arrived in my inbox from Tender Search. Do I jump for joy, or cringe? Well, the answer probably doesn’t come immediately, but over the past couple of years I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks that help us identify which tenders are worth going for.

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Release Management

Like any other growing company Revium has had to adopt new processes for managing the ever expanding workload and new methodologies had to be formulated to properly manage software requests from the time of receipt to the eventual release to the client. I would like to share our release process with our readers.

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