It’s been quite some time now since Microsoft launched their first “pre-beta” version of the (almost) famous ASP.NET MVC framework for community testing. It passed a number of revisions, updates; they reworked a lot of things, introduced new features and now release candidate 1.0 is out (it’s been quick – RC2 is out!).

As many ASP.NET developers are aware, this framework is incompatible in many ways with the current Web Forms approach which gained popularity in 2001.  A reasonable question is why does Microsoft invest heavily in a competing project? Apparently for good reasons.

With 2 ASP.NET MVC  projects commencing recently at Revium we are going to explore these good reasons. The projects are:
  • VASA – medium complexity web site
  • Membership Today Mobile – dynamic web site for handheld devices
We consider these projects as a good test platform to make a strategic decision on whether we are going to start using in day to day operations. Another important point is this is still not an official release, the version 1 is expected in a few weeks.

By the way, Microsoft just announced a nice set of tutorials on the ASP.NET MVC web site. Before that (for a year or so) it was just a lot of blogs and 3rd party manuals scattered around the net.

Stay tuned as we are going to provide an update on our findings…

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