Iggy Pintado a chief networking officer with the consultancy ConnectGen advises people  and businesses on how to make the most of online networking. In his book, Connection Generation, Pintado examines how we engage with the online world and coins the the expression NOW media. NOW media is Pintado’s term for connection technologies – also known as new media, social media, Web 2.0 – the online networks and functions through which people interact, share ideas, information and interests. Pintado ranks users of online technolgy according to five levels of connectedness.


Basic connectors have a classical view of the word “connection”, seeing it in terms of nature, love and the universe. They are slow to take up new technologies and have few online connections – not more than 50. They often need a friend or family member to manage their email accounts.


Passives often have good understanding of technology but choose not to use it to its full potential. They have a “conceptual” view of connection, associating it with puzzles or building blocks. They prefer to watch, listen and absorb before engaging with a person or idea and tend to have 50 to 10 connections.


Selective connectors have a “relational” view of connection, seeing it as a handshake, kiss or lightning bolt. Selectives will have 100 to 150 connections, might be members of two or three online business or social groups and prefer minimal but rich interactions. They tend to be among the early majority of technology adopters.


Actives have a deep understanding of the usefulness of technologies and tend to think of connection in physical terms: bridges and power points. They are assertive in maintaining contacts, participage in online conversations and tend to seek input and feedback. They embrace most media and are usually early adopters. They will have 150 to 300 connections and be members of several online networks.


The most savvy and best connected, supers tend to be technology experts, innovators and efficient managers of their connections. They have a structural view of connection, seeing it in terms of networks, processes and maps. They have a strong sense of how it can help them achieve goals and can be aggressive in trying to increase the number of their connections, which will number more than 300.

Source: The Age

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