When is it best to go with a smaller digital agency? While some jobs require a larger range of experts to fulfill the brief, there are many digital experts who deliver high-quality work to small businesses with smaller budgets. We spoke to Seriously Good Design (SGD) about smaller agencies and when they may be the best decision for your business.

Agency Size… Does it Matter?

In the digital landscape there are jobs that require a small team of experts, and some that require a larger range of experts to fulfil the brief. We focus on the latter. We are all about a well-rounded approach to digital marketing. It’s our job to provide full circle solutions, and with such a wide range of resources and talent pool, we tend to work with clients with bigger budgets. 

But what about the smaller jobs? Don’t worry, there are plenty of digital experts who focus on small business, and we partner with one of the best in Melbourne – Seriously Good Design (SGD). Run by digital expert, James Fulton, we partner with SGD to ensure we can provide digital solutions to every client that comes our way. We don’t turn away smaller jobs with smaller budgets, we simply refer them to the talented team at SGD where we know they will receive the high-quality work they deserve, within their budget. 

Why We Rate SGD as a Great Web Development Company

James employs a team of freelancers to develop, design and create the content for his websites. By doing this, he has less overheads and can therefore employ great talent when he needs it without a full-time staff like us. So there’s no compromise on quality.

“Boutique agencies are almost always independent from large agency networks, so that means you will probably be dealing with companies that are owner operated. These are people who excel at their craft and aren’t being driven by upper management to always be growing revenue lines, profitability or sales.” says Revium Managing Partner, Andrew Ellett. 

Here's why Founder of SGD, James, thinks they nail it when working with smaller clients: 

The following is an excerpt from the SGD blog: Small Agency Big Results

When to Go SMALL

1. You have a small-ish budget
Smaller digital agencies can create great websites for a lesser price. Full stop. Why, you ask? This is generally due to less overheads, engaging with freelancers rather than full-time staff, and working remotely or from home.

Smaller agencies work fast, as in, they don’t work on projects for longer than necessary. One thing we offer here at SGD, is a quick turnaround. We can turn a profile on a small website starting from $5k in a couple of weeks. This is all thanks to a well refined process.

2. You are a small company, with big ideas 
We love working with smaller clients. For example, our best clients are independent bars and restaurants.

These clients typically have a small budget, so they are drawn to a smaller agency. This doesn’t mean their goals are small however, in fact, these are the sites that exude the most flare and originality. Our team works together to make them stand-out, function well, and provide a service to the business to ensure they get a return on their digital investment.

3. You want to work WITH an agency 
Team work makes the dream work, am I right? While some clients want to hand the hard stuff over to the experts, smaller agencies may offer more opportunities for you to be involved in the creative process meaning fewer changes later in the game.

Engaging with a tight-knit community of experienced freelancers, we generally work closer with designers and developers. We enjoy working with clients that let us flex our creative muscles and we incorporate their feedback every step of the way. 

SGD creates some fantastic websites which are custom built, developed for the client and turned around quickly. If you want to see what they’re made of, their portfolio speaks for itself. Check it out here.

When to go BIG?

While smaller digital agencies are able to accommodate smaller budgets and deliver quick turnaround, a larger skillset and variety of expertise can be gained through engaging a larger agency. This may be the best option for companies that require a complete digital strategy, consistent upgrades, redesigns, or a digital team for their company without having one in-house. Find out why and when to go BIG for your next digital project.  

For more information on the expertise and services offered by Revium, contact us today.

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