In software development (in an ASP.NET web development in particular) there are always repetitive time consuming tasks, which we would like to automate somehow. One of those things is the permanent need to create deployment/update packages with files which were changed since the last deployment. Until a week ago I have been creating this packages manually, simply by collecting changed files from various folders, organising them and deploying  to the web hosting server. Last week I got very annoyed with that and after some research figured out how to utilize SVN/Subversion to do exactly that for you automatically.

Great. Just look at the next few screenshots how easy this is (just a note – this is demonstrated with the Windows SVN client – TortoiseSVN).

Step 1.

Open Repo-Browser and navigate to your website folder.


Step 2.

Right click -Show Log, then select all revisions from top to bottom which you want to create a deployment package for


Step 3.

Right click on the selection and select Compare Revisions.


Step 4.

In the Changed Files Screen select all files, right click with your mouse and select Export selection to..


And that is it :-) Enjoy your just created deployment package – structure of folders with files which were changed in your selected SVN revisions. Zip it up and deploy!


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