Kentico provide a suite of online Marketing features that can turn your website into a dynamic platform that enhances user engagement and maximises website ROI. With so much more to help you nurture leads, personalise content based on user engagement and analyse and optimise your campaigns, these digital marketing components will increase the conversion of prospects into customers.

Kentico provide a suite of online Marketing features that can turn your website into a dynamic platform that enhances user engagement and maximises website ROI. This suite of powerful Online Marketing tools sits within Kentico’s EMS platform and provides enterprise level marketing sophistication, such as:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • A/B Testing
  • Content Personalisation
  • Email Marketing

With so much more to help you nurture leads, personalise content based on user engagement and analyse and optimise your campaigns, these digital marketing components will increase the conversion of prospects into customers.

Read below how Revium implemented some of these Kentico EMS features for it's client - Sumo Power.

How Revium consult and deliver Kentico’s Online Marketing

Like every other client project Revium partner with, our consulting practices around online marketing ensure that we understand, in a great level of detail, what the specifications are. It is very similar to our project management of complex website builds, bespoke web applications and digital marketing services. Revium pride ourselves on not only uncovering every project requirement, but also transparently documenting our approach to the delivery of projects. This allows our clients to verify we are both on the same page. It also ensures the successful implementation of each project, on time and within budget.

By taking into consideration your business and marketing goals, Revium seek to understand who your target market are, what are the outcomes you wish for your website and how these two considerations come together to provide the very best results for your company. Our team of digital strategists, business analysts and developers will then collaborate on online marketing solutions best suited to your needs.

We will then report back to you with our recommendations for implementing the right solutions to get the most out of your Kentico website. Our team will then be guided by a Revium Project Manager to deliver your website, on time and on budget. Then it will be time for Kentico’s online marketing solution to start working for you!

Overview of a few features

If you are new to Kentico’s Online Marketing capabilities, the below will provide brief overviews of some of the features available. Further information can be found at

1. Marketing Automation
Improve the engagement of your website visitors by delivering the right content at the right time and initiate sales activities that are personalised to your prospects and customers. These automations (emails, SMSs, database inserts, outboard calls, etc), can also be integrated with your business systems. The automations are made under an easy automation interface, that marketing teams can use.

2. Lead Scoring
Understand the intent of web users with lead scoring. This feature allows you to assign specified values to people who engage in different events and activities on your website. This powerful feature can provide your sales teams with qualified hot leads that are ready to go!

3. Content Personalisation
Nothing beats serving up the right invitation and content at the right time. Today’s users want content that meets their requirements in the moments they interact with your website. Content personalisation dynamically serves up images and messages that are tailored to engage your audience at the right time.

4. A/B Testing
A/B testing is the art of split testing a specific element on a page to different users to see what has the best impact and results. Multivariate testing, similar to A/B testing, is the ability to test a number of variables on a page. This allows you to increase the engagement of your website by knowing, based on qualitative and quantitative data, what content speaks volumes to your audience.

5. Email Marketing
Kentico offers an out of the box solution for Email marketing. By logging into the CMS, you are able to quickly set up emails to be delivered from your website. Therefore, if your organisation doesn’t require the complexities of a high-end 3rd party email client then this built in module will simplify your email marketing campaigns.

Other Kentico Online Marketing features are:

  • Contact Management
  • Contact Groups
  • Personas
  • Social Marketing
  • Web Analytics

You find out more about Kentico and their online marketing on their website.



Case Study - Sumo Power

Sumo Power's Kentico website

Sumo Power entered the Victorian energy market in early 2015 and partnered with Revium to build their new website. This was due to Revium’s understanding of the complex energy sector and working with a number of the top energy companies in Australia, such as Alinta Energy, Red Energy and Simply Energy.

With very specific business and marketing goals, Sumo Power relied on Revium to provide guidance in delivering a website that has:

  • A modern, user-friendly and responsive in design
  • An easy to use web content management system
  • An online quoting and contracting applications
  • An electricity bill comparison tool
  • Integration with backend systems and customer portal
  • Implement online marketing to increase sales
  • An ability to track and report on visitor website interaction via the CMS

The overall focus on the website is to sign people up for electricity plans.

To enhance the user journey and increase conversions, Revium recommended and implemented the following online marketing features:

  • Lead scoring
  • Automated marketing
  • Content personalisation

This is how we configured each.

Lead Scoring

When Revium began consulting with Sumo Power for their website online marketing requirements, we wanted to know what Sumo Power thought were the important activities on their website. Activities that would tell Sumo Power’s sales team that a visitor was hot on the trail to signing up. Some of these activities were:

  • Providing contact details
  • Viewing certain pages
  • Completing certain task

We then assigned values based on priorities and weight to each of these and were able to provide a scoring table. As individual visitors completed these activities, they would accumulate a score. Once they reach a threshold set in Kentico and had provided enough details, the leads are sent to Sumo Power’s sales team.
This is an excellent measurement tool to assess how people traverse a website and what they do as they go along. And considering this is done at an individual level, it vastly improves the level of information collected to pass on to website owners.

Automated Marketing

For Sumo Power, automated marketing ties in heavily with lead scoring. Once a visitor has reached a threshold in lead scoring, Kentico then applies the automated marketing function. This can be as simple or as complex as your business requires. With Sumo Power, we implemented to rules for automated marketing:

  1. When a person enters certain contact details, completes a number of activities and then doesn’t continue any further activity within a specified time frame, an automated email is sent to the sales team
  2. When a person only enters their email address, completes a number of activities and then doesn’t continue any further activity within a specified time frame, an automated email is sent to both the website visitor and the sales team.

As you can see, this is an effective way of closing the gap when making contact. With today’s customers looking for quicker response times from businesses, automated marketing is a sure fire way to positively impact your conversion rates.

Content Personalisation

Dynamically serving personalised content is one of the best ways to engage a website visitor, therefore Sumo Power wanted to harness the power of this feature. Utilised for specific campaigns, one of the content personalisation aspects created was around postcodes.&
Sumo Power integrated their offline marketing with their online marketing. One such campaign focused on the Bayside region of Melbourne. When people went from the offline content and used a promotional link, the landing page reflected an image of the Brighton’s Bathing Boxes. The heading on the landing page also connected Sumo Power to Bayside people.

Sumo Power's Kentico personalisation page

Then, when people clicked back to the home page, the main Melbourne image (as previously shown at the beginning of this article) was dynamically swapped out, along with the heading.

Another example of personalisation with Kentico

By keeping the messaging and images consistent along the user journey, your website continually connects to your visitors at a personal level. Sumo Power found an increase in the number conversions from personalising the experiencing for their prospects.

You can read more about Sumo Power’s case study on our website.

In summary

Kentico’s EMS online marketing solutions are a powerful and effective ways to ensure any Kentico website can be an efficient marketing and sales tool. However you need to ensure the implementation hits the targets.

Revium are an expert-level Kentico Gold Partner with experience and expertise in digital marketing both on-page and off-page. This means we are more than able to assist you to optimise and drive your online marketing to have your website work the most efficiently.

Contact one of Revium’s Kentico Online Marketing experts today on 03 9429 2000.


Revium have recently been awarded Kentico’s Online Marketing Competency. This competency highlights the Revium’s team’s capabilities to understand and deliver the powerful automated marketing Kentico EMS features for our client’s websites.

Revium awarded the Kentico online marketing competency

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