Three months after Google updated to run on the latest version of Chromium, testing tools now use the latest Googlebot version.

Google updated to run on the latest version of Chromium in May of this year, committing to updating this more regularly to encompass the latest web features. While it hasn’t solved all our Javascript woes, it was a positive step towards resolving some developer headaches.

With this update, what users see in their browser is what Google will use. And now the same ‘evergreen’ treatment has been brought to testing tools, so they will be updated when a new Chrome version is released.
Support is available for the following testing tools:

  • URL inspection tool in Search Console
  • Mobile-friendly test
  • Rich results test
  • AMP test

Evergreen Googlebot tools and Javascript rendering

Support for new features, particularly for rendering of JavaScript bringing (mostly?) joy to Javascript developers everywhere.

Revium tested this new feature on one of our sandbox sites and found it does indeed render all of our Javascript without issue.

Pre-update rendering

Post-update rendering

Still Runs on Old User Agent

Google announced in their webmasters blog post these tools will still run on the previous user agent. This may be updated in the future, but for now the Googlebot user agent and the testing tool user agent will remain the same.

Testing tools will now be more accurate and reliable. This will decrease testing times and eliminate false negatives – giving  us a much more accurate picture of how Google sees content.

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