Have you noticed the GFC? And I don’t mean the Geelong Football Club (go Hawks!).

From a business perspective Revium has not been negatively impacted in terms of profitability. However, we have certainly noticed both large and small clients pulling budgets, delaying projects and managing finances a little closer. Where one client may pull back, another client or opportunity will arise.

Even our large clients may stop some projects, but start others. So across the board, we are not affected by the Global Financial Crisis here at Revium in terms of our sales figures.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the media hype, stock market decline and Government rebates, I don’t think I’d even notice the GFC.

So I was very pleased to read that in a worldwide survey Australia is the best place in the world to weather the financial storm.

I love this article! It gives us Australian’s hope and optimism. Something every business owner needs to have. By nature I’m an optimist, and the more people who realise that our economy is strong and healthy, the sooner we’ll all be out of this storm. I see the current economic climate as an opportunity. As Warren Buffet says, be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. Now is a time for businesses to attract new clients when companies are shopping around looking for a better price and service.

I’m quite sure Revium will emerge from the 08-09 GFC stronger than ever! I hope you will too.

Take care, Andrew Ellett

Managing Partner

“Pessimistic media reports were the No. 1 concern of Australian businesses. More than 25 per cent of Australian business people also said they were worried about the way the Government responded to the crisis.” – The Age, May 27, 2009

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