What New Research Tells Us About Digital Transformation Beyond COVID-19


COVID-19 has seen many businesses take giant strides towards digitalisation. We’ve taken a look at some of the latest intelligence from Australia and around the world and offer several practical tips to help your digital strategy keep pace. 

Overcoming Marketing Challenges With a DXP


Providing your audience with a consistent and seamless experience across all channels and all stages of their journey is crucial in effectively engaging your target market. DXP's are enabling marketing to do their best work by providing solutions to familir challenges marketers face. 

Carbon Neutral Statement FY2021


At Revium, we're proud to be carbon neutral! We've committed to reducing our carbon footprint through everyday activities, as well as purchasing carbon offsets for unavoidable carbon use. 

The Importance of Conversational AI

Revium CX Marketing

Conversational AI is allowing brands to create more personalised customer experiences, supporting the sales cycle and increasing revenue to rapidly become one of the most popular customer service technologies. Read more how to get started with conversational AI. 

Supporting our Communities During an Unprecedented Year


Giving back to the community has never been more important to us here at Revium. Particuarly with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are proud to be able to donate a portion of our profits to charity each year.

The Future of Personalisation in Marketing


Customers like to shop with brands who know them and remember them, and have come to expect more than one-size-fits-all messaging. We take a look at personalisation in marketing, emerging trends, and how Kentico Xperience provides all the right tools under one roof. 

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