Google Data Studio Introduces Google Maps Feature

Data Marketing

Google Data Studio (GDS) has added a game changing new feature to real-time dashboards. Google Maps is now available as a chart type, enabling a user-friendly, familiar way to visualise location data. Read about the opportunities this update can provide for businesses and digital marketers.

Voice Search & the Internet of Things


Voice search and the Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise, bringing with it a new way for SEO teams to optimise content to best match the kinds of voice queries users are making. Read how organisations can leverage this trend to drive more organic traffic to their sites. 

Revium Secures Cyber Security Partnership with ACSC

Consulting Data

Revium has become a partner with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) who lead the Australian Government’s efforts to improve cyber security and provide advice and information about how to protect against the increasing threats posed by cybercrime. Read more about how this partnership helps to extend Revium's credentials in cyber security.

Why SEO is Important to Your Digital Marketing Success


Performing well in search engines with SEO is ‘table stakes’ for businesses that rely on digital marketing to generate leads. Read about how SEO is still a viable part of your digital marketing funnel.

CMS Architecture Options: With Kentico Regional Head Wayne Jasek

Revium Development

Revium sat down with Kentico APAC Sales Director Wayne Jasek to discuss Content-as-a-Service, and why more organisations are turning to headless Content Management Systems like Kentico Kontent over traditional CMS platforms. 

Conversational AI in 2020: With Cognigy CEO Phil Heltewig

Consulting CX Development

Consumer demand for instant, 24/7 support is at an all-time high. Cognigy CEO Phil Heltewig takes us through the recent developments in the Conversational AI space and the ways omni-channel chatbots have helped companies stay connected with customers during the pandemic.

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