6 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2022

Revium Marketing

The past 18 months have sped up the adoption of digital marketing technologies by several years. Take a look at the latest advancements and trends we expect brands to follow.

CX Trends Analysis 2022


Our CX expert, Stephen Luke, takes us through what's in store in the CX world for 2022. From AI and machine learning to how humans work, Stephen offers his thoughts, ideas and predictions. 

Conversational AI Year in Review and 2022 Predictions


Our technical team unpack the key Conversational AI takeaways from 2021 and what you can expect to see in 2022. 

Why Your Website Architecture Is Critical for Search Engine Indexation & Customer Success


Your universal, or global, navigation is your store front to both customers and Google. We call this a site’s information architecture, and both your customers and search engines rely on this to discover and prioritise what you are selling.  We dive into site navigation, body links and best practises. 

Kentico Xperience DXP: Two Types of Return on Investment


Whe investing in a DXP, it's importatn to consider not only the benefits of the features, but also how much it can save by minimising the investment costs associated with adapting to your changing business

What is a Headless CMS, and Should You Consider One?

Revium CX Marketing

Headless content management systems (CMS) give marketing teams complete control over where, how and what gets published, and in what format. The benefits of moving to a Headless CMS are many, and include consolidated content management, improved workflows, collaboration, and easy content syndication.   

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