How we apply our skills and value to your project ensures we address the real objectives of the project. Your project is not a technology development exercise; above all we focus on delivering you value to your customers, staff and stakeholders.

Revium team members have the experience and skills to deliver your digital project. We are experts in a range of;

  • Website development: .Net products from Kentico, Sitecore, Umbraco, Microsoft; Adobe, and Open Source WordPress, Drupal and Joomla
  • Custom Development
  • Hosting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Transformation

Revium’s commitment to deliver your project

Revium is committed to providing an easy-to-use staff, provider and community web portal that meets the above objectives. We have an outstanding track record in delivering on time, on budget, quality internet and intranet systems and related services.

Our capabilities

The best evidence of how Revium’s capabilities will work for you is a demonstration of similar projects. See our portfolio.

Our capability is our people

Revium has a team that are highly skilled and experienced to deliver website experiences and systems to best practice standards.

Deliver on Time and with Quality

Your investment with Revium will allow us to build the best solution to ensure we capture the requirements of your stakeholders and audiences. Our methodology and systems ensure the development process produces a quality result.

Building for Effective Use

A key element of any online presence is to enable users to find the information needed in an efficient and intuitive manner. Revium solves this issue for clients regularly. Our expertise and experience is to create a strong visual intuitiveness and search capacity to make it simple, easy and fast for your customers to use the web site.

Design and Technical Prowess

The design of an appropriate database and information infrastructure is an important consideration to ensure the long-term scalability of this website and web application. Revium is adept at dealing with all the technical requirements and will liaise with and support your project team as required.

In summary, Revium, via clear stages, to design, specify and build your website or business web application that will:

  • Use best practice methodology and planning in order to capture all requirements for each key stakeholder
  • Support your branding direction and professional image
  • Enable you to add the features and functionality that match your requirements
  • Work as partners in delivering this important and significant piece of infrastructure.

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News Bytes
  • Delivered a structured document template to create indexed, searchable online documents for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

  • Delivered signup confirmation email and SMS notification using Twilio for Alinta Energy

  • Implemented process to extract Twilio opt-in/opt-out phone numbers and send daily email to TSA team to wash before calling for Alinta

  • Implemented Kentico V9 CMS for Engie Assets Closure website

  • Developed and launched public website on Kentico CMS for Geelong Grammar School

  • Launched EasyFlex commercial and industrial electricity contract management ASP.NET MVC web application for Simply Energy

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