Revium specialises in relationships just as much as digital transformation. Our company values ensure the development of our people, the success of our clients, and the satisfaction of their customers.

Our Mission

To disrupt our industry and become a credible alternative to the tier one consultancies.


Revium believes in 3 key values that are ingrained in everything we do:

  • Relationships make the hard work worth it
  • Quality is our trademark
  • Responsiveness is how we stay agile in the age of disruption


At Revium, we believe talk is cheap.

We believe in a culture of accountability, responsibility, and action.

We're always communicating to keep our clients up to date, but delivering on promises is how we've made our name.

We thrive on change.

In the technology industry, things change. Rapidly.

We take advantage of this changing environment by being open to it and remaining vigilant against thinking we know it all.

So while our work is of the highest quality and always strives to set the standard, we are also always looking for ways to do things better.

After all, we didn't become technical specialists by being stuck in our ways.

We are detail driven.

We sweat the small stuff.

As professionals in a changing environment we have to be exceptionally organised to stay on top of things.

The processes and systems we have in place to ensure this happens have been honed over time and guarantee we always have a clear and detailed picture of our clients' transformation journey.

We are client & customer obsessed.

We exist because of our clients & customers, plain and simple.

In a service industry like ours, business is built on reputation. What our clients say and think about us matters to us immensely.

To grow our reputation we've always made sure that everything we do is about delivering a better result for customers. We never suggest unnecessary solutions because we know there's greater value in a trusted relationship than there is in a quick sale.

So even if we find that we aren't the best fit for a project, we'll help to find the right external alternative, obligation-free.

We value candour.

Revium communicates respectfully, openly and honestly; not brutally.

Our communication is candid but never adversarial. We believe in an environment where fearless, respectful communication is constructive and vital for continuous improvement and innovation.

Our communication policy ensures we foster boldness to freely explore new ideas while maintaining the discipline to subject those ideas to rigor.

We continually strive to work smarter, as well as harder.

We are an elite full service digital agency that can achieve what others can't in technical application development with first class design, analysis and customer service. And that takes hard work.

But we wouldn't have been able to do it in the first place without a team of wonderful people who like to enjoy themselves together as a well-earned reward for a job consistently well done.

We are professional consultants in a relationship business.

That means when we make a commitment to a client, we stick to it and we manage expectations accordingly at all times.

As professionals though, it's important for us to the take time to be creative and generate new ideas and innovations for both Revium and our clients.

We are continually learning, seeking new ways to improve and communicating ideas with each other and our clients because there are always new techniques, technologies and products to be aware of in the digital world.

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At Revium, we are always on the lookout for new talent to work with. We look for people who are passionate about all things digital.

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Revium was created on 1st May 2008 with the merger of IT Consulting firm McRae IT and Web development agency EPS. As a new company backed by a wealth of experience, Revium began by specialising in digital strategies, website development, user experience and application development.

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News Bytes
  • Integrated QAS predictive address search on all major website forms for Alinta Energy

  • Built training portfolio website in ASP.NET MVC harnessing extensive business logic and offline page access functionality for ANZCA

  • Implemented new enhancements of Umbraco ITER site and Kentico public website using BonnTech webservices for CICM

  • Built a web-based knowledge curation tool (EMMA) with Oauth/ADFS claims-based user authentication for the Department of Economic Development

  • Delivered application form using .NET MVC and SQL data replication integrated with Westpac payment gateway for Financial Ombudsman Service

  • Designed and built enhanced members' and credit representative search function for Financial Ombudsman Service

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