Values & Culture 

At Revium, we recognise the single greatest asset we have is the people who bring their expertise, passion and personality to work each day. Whilst we each have a unique role to play, we understand our common purpose and a mentality of shared accountability for the success of our client’s business is the key driver for our own business success.

Collectively, the decisions and actions we take are inspired by the desire to be the single choice for businesses, government and organisations in the Australasian market who seek a credible, independent alternative to the ‘Big 4’ consulting firms.

With the spirit of independence at our heart, a challenger attitude, and a reputation for work that truly makes a difference, we attract experts from the very firms that differentiate us. This gives our clients access to a multidisciplinary team who are unified in their beliefs and are second to none in the domain knowledge they bring.

In an every-changing industry where many agencies struggle to retain talent, our structured pathways for career growth, commitment to support our people with on-going training, profit-share scheme and opportunities for share-holdings through our Employee Benefit Trust, has placed us in an enviable position where almost half of our people have been with us for 5 years, and many more for over 10 years.

This rare rate of tenure is reflected in the long-term nature of our client relationships, where clients benefit from stable, valued and a deep understanding of their business throughout all levels of our organisation, and theirs.

Our Principles

The core principles that guide us in our choices and actions everyday:

Do great work
Passion drives us to do the best in everything we do. We draw inspiration from wherever and whoever we need to in order to solve our clients' problems. With our industry being in a constant state of change, we never rest on our laurels and stay up to date with new tools, technology and techniques.

Do the best for our clients
Our best interest, is to always act in our clients’ best interest. We journey with our client until we reach an effective solution. We expand our client’s ability to manage their own business and more fully engage their own customers through digital transformation.

Stop, collaborate and listen
Our communication is candid, ever timely and human. We err on the side of over-communicating both internally and externally because we know that poor communication wreaks havoc on projects and client satisfaction. When we communicate, we are mindful of our audience and aim for clarity, delivered honourably.

Solve interesting problems
We don’t need a challenge to bring out our best effort, but we deliver our best value on the most difficult projects. We aren't shy of the hard jobs and we apply the same professionalism to the little things as we do the big; meaning we attract smart people who get a kick out of solving challenging problems. 

Have each other’s back
Working together is part of our DNA, we are open-minded and always have each other’s back. We sharpen each other’s skills and effectiveness through intense collaboration within and across teams. As we work together, we also keep a close eye on, and are pro-active about our colleague’s welfare.

Give back
We give back to society and the technical community that created us. We desire to be a force for good in the community. We do this by giving (without expecting anything in return); to each other, to society and to the environment through opportunities, networking, charitable giving and sponsorship.

Be commercially aware
We make decisions that are accountable and commercially astute. We understand that profitability gives us the bandwidth to live by our principles and continue to do what we love; so we all accept responsibility for the financial realities of quoting, scoping and delivering our projects and systems.

With a commitment to equal opportunity employment, gender diversity, gender equality in senior positions, work life balance and mental health, our team is driven to be the number one independent alternative to a tier one consulting firm.

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