At Revium, research & development (R&D) is a business-critical function, deeply embedded in our culture. Our commitment to R&D is both deliberate and necessary, as it allows us to ensure the success of our clients and positions us as an industry leader in cutting edge technologies and approaches.

R&D is a structured part of our business and it is this ongoing commitment to innovation that sets Revium apart from other digital transformation agencies

In practice our R&D focus is as diverse and varied as the challenges our clients face, often with teams attacking the same problem from distinct and paradoxical positions. Our multi-disciplinary team of customer experience designers, data scientists, digital marketers and developers may all bring their unique subject matter expertise to bear on a project - testing, learning and iterating until the solution is achieved.

Overcoming Unique Challenges

For web applications, multi-faceted interfaces and other digital processes where no clear or common solution exists, our culture of R&D puts Revium at the cutting edge for solution development. Some of the applications we have developed include:

  • Complex calculators
  • Data driven BI tools
  • CMS extensions
  • Bespoke user experience interfaces

Many of these applications have since been commercialised, providing clients with additional revenue streams in addition to the competitive advantage of overcoming category challenges in new and unique ways.

Some examples include:

  • Power Deal Manager - a Configure Price Quote ‘CPQ’ that enables locking-in of market prices at the time of quotation with C&I energy customers.
  • Eleos - a sophisticated example of our machine learning, in use by the Federal Government to automate the process of attaching meta data to government documents.
  • Abstracts Manager - a web-based application which allows organisations to centralise the process of managing abstracts, papers, and presentations for conferences, meetings and other special events.
  • Kentico Website Wizard – a bespoke application that allows clients to create their own websites on the Kentico CMS platform, without the need for developer involvement. 


Working Approaches for R&D

Revium’s R&D processes are designed to clearly outline, and then work towards, a solution for the stated problem:

  • Set objectives - clearly articulate and document the problem to be solved.
  • Craft a solution – drawing upon various disciplines, methodologies and tools. 
  • Baseline testing – if required, approach the solution through multiple lines of enquiry and some initial “probe” tests to establish a baseline.
  • Conduct trials - test the solution hypotheses before the deployment of any proof of concept. 
  • Collate results and iterate – analyse results for the initial approach and then re-evaluate and iterate as needed.


Getting Started on R&D

At Revium, we are passionate about innovation and our commitment to R&D is one of the key reasons clients and employees are attracted to working with us.

It you have a challenge with an unknown solution relating to web, data, applications, experiences, machine learning or interfaces, contact one of our consultants today.

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  • Implemented and customised Power Deal Manager web application for Alinta Energy - East Coast

  • Launched 'My Account' function to deliver improved user interface and integration with billing engine for Alinta Energy

  • Built CEDA Evocate public website on purpose-built CMS with custom iMIS integration functionality

  • Implemented web services and advanced search to publish case determinations and adjudications online for the Financial Ombudsman Service

  • Implemented custom sharing function of Henley construction photos on Facebook and Pinterest using Kentico CMS 7

  • Created functional requirements documentation for online presence of start-up Sumo Power

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