Whether you want to achieve organisation-wide digital transformation, enhance your end-customer experience, or implement a data-driven acquisition strategy, Revium gives you the breadth of services necessary to formulate and implement a holistic digital roadmap.

Our team’s core areas of expertise in CX, data and digital is underpinned by human centred design thinking - placing CX and data at the heart of each solution we deliver and providing our clients with solutions that are both fit-for-purpose and fit-for-people.


Digital Transformation Consulting

Businesses that have been through IT or digitisation programs are aware of the challenges of being in an organisation that doesn’t have in-house expertise required to deliver these projects. 

Revium offers digital transformation consulting services that complement and enhance your current teams in a way that best supports your business and guides them through the process. By leveraging project managers and subject matter experts throughout the project lifecycle, we complement and enhance your in-house teams and ensure a smooth transition.

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Customer Experience

Placing your customer at the heart of a digital solution ensures your brand delivers a superior experience that creates a true competitive advantage. Our team takes a research-driven approach to human-centred design to ensure the solutions we deliver drive great customer experiences.

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Digital Development

Being technology agnostic, we let user experience and business requirements drive solution design, not technology or framework preference. We deliver these projects across a range of development methodologies to suit your preference.

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Digital Marketing

Knowing your customers and how to reach them with “right place, right time” messaging is critical in today’s competitive environment. So too is the ability to measure the impact of your digital marketing investment across paid, earned and owned media. Revium can support and augment your traditional marketing efforts with cleverly executed campaigns and reporting services.

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Data, Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, which provides opportunities to gain a competitive edge by leveraging data, ML and AI in making business critical decisions. We can help you review your landscape and identify opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

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