At Revium, we understand that there are certain activities in our business that have an impact on our planet, and that it is our responsibility to our fellow citizens and future generations to minimise and neutralise this impact.

In meeting our commitment to minimise our effect on the environment, we encourage creative thinking amongst our staff to generate new, forward-thinking environmental policies and implement these for the benefit of all - each underpinned by three core principles:

  • Calculate carbon – we must know how much carbon our activities contribute to the environment if we are to minimise our impact.
  • Reduce and avoid carbon – we seek technologies, actions and activities that reduce and/or avoid contributing to our carbon footprint.
  • Offset carbon – where unavoidable, we contribute to activities and technologies that offset our carbon emissions. 


Positive Steps We Have Taken

The team at Revium has instigated numerous initiatives and practices to help deliver upon our collective desire to become carbon neutral. This includes:

  • Monitoring energy usage to calculate its contribution to our footprint
  • Measuring waste output within our office and then seeking to reduce measurements over time
  • Embracing new tools and technologies that minimise energy consumption
  • Contributing to carbon offsetting programs
  • Using blinds to manage temperature in sun-exposed office spaces
  • Using air-conditioning and heating only when certain temperatures are met
  • Ensuring all non-essential computer hardware is turned off
  • Continually moving to become paperless through digital solutions
  • Embracing technologies that reduce energy consumption
  • Purchasing from third party suppliers that share our values
  • Educating our staff, clients and suppliers on new policies to reduce energy and waste.

Revium aims to be socially responsible at a local level, offering support and sponsorship for local organisations, agencies and not-for-profit projects that work towards a cleaner environment. We also encourage our staff to engage in grassroots communities and charities that enhance and support our local environment. 

We aim to be transparent in our findings and, while we celebrate our environmental successes, are learning what doesn’t work so that we can improve and learn from this - for the betterment of our planet.

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